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By author > Albesso Moussab

Local strategies and trends in the animal economy at Tell Madaba (Jordan) during the Iron Age.
Moussab Albesso  1@  
1 : ARCHEORIENT - Environnements et sociétés de lÓrient ancien
Université Lumière - Lyon 2, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique : UMR5133

 The transition between the Bronze Age and the Iron Age witneased political crisis that led to the fall of the Levantine kingdoms. This turmoil modified the political and economical aspects of the region and lead to the emergence of a whole new cultural and social development located in southern Levant.

This poster shows the results of the fauna analysis during the Iron Age period in Tell Madaba, located southern Levant, modern Jordan. The analysis is mainly concentrated on the frequency of species and animal herd management.

The comparisons of these results with other jordanian sites will provide a complete data of the regional context of Tell Madaba. It will also allow us to point out the similarities and particularities of the stock farming as well as as determining the factors (socio-political, environmental...) that may have affected its development and breeding strategies.

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