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Cattle and temples . The meroitic butchery from Dukki-Gel (Northern Sudan) (100 BC-100 AD)
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The large meroitic temple from Dukki-Gel, in the Northern Sudan is linked with butcheries and bakeries dedicated to the preparation of offerings.

The butchery and its annexes delivered a large amount of animal bones.The waste of this workshop, near of the butchery, was also studied.

The fauna is only represented by domestic cattle, attesting the importance of this animal in this religious context.

Cattle are robust, with a wither's height around 1.40 m. They belong to the shorthorn type “brachyceros”).

Individuals are clearly selected, with a high percentage of veals less than two years old, at the best of their form.

Some tracks testify of the preparation of various joints.

The faunal remains found in the butchery of the Dukki-Gel temple are a good illustration of the importance of cattle in the Napatan and Meroitic cultures, as well in religious contexts than in the economy.


Key words : Northern Sudan, Meroitic, temple, butchery, cattle




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